Harmony 和 Respect 敬 Purity 清 Tranquility 寂

Sometimes the rhythm of our lives is too much. Slow down. Breath in. Take a sip of tea. Relax.

Your experiences with the practice of mindfulness

Enjoy with friends or spend time with yourself

Try best tea

  • Sencha
  • Green Pu-erh (11 years old)
  • Tieguanyin
  • Matcha
  • Tea For The Victory

Place matters

Drinking tea is better in a cozy, relaxing place.

  • Lakeshore
  • Paradise Grove
  • Your house
  • Yoga studio


  • 20$ per person for 2 hours ceremony
  • 100$ for six people for 2 hours ceremony
  • 10$ per person for yoga classes